Loving yourself and pouring that in new love.

In life you fall in and out of love, but you should love yourself because if not you can’t love no one else. I found out what you put in yourself comes out, if you are sad it will show, if you are happy it will show. You want fresh new love and you want it to flow where that person thinks of you all the time where there is balance of course. When God is in the center of it he helps you to find yourself and help in the issues you may have. With him in your relationship its easier and you can deal with it,  he’ll show you friendship and bonding that lasts.

I know everyone want that love that make you fall off your feet, we can have it and it takes work, but being on the same page makes it flow, but you can learn from each other differences. Friends first in a relationship lasts longer because you don’t rush into anything. Don’t let no one take you for granted, because in the end you will hurt.

Having someone that appreciates you makes you feel special and enduring forever. Giving to each other small things people remember that always than big purchases because is small. I’ll let you know what kind of love I want is lasting, friendship and God first it will last. I’ll tell you something I like, instead of a bunch of flowers if he gives me one I’m happy and if we go to a restaurant that’s our favorite and he wants to stay in and make the same thing, I’m happy because it’s still special. It’s not where you go it’s how you do it.

Another thing we should know is everyone’s career isn’t the same if he travels and I don’t see him with iPhone I can face time him and send him special texts, love is still there, no arguing needed because compromise is essential, less pressure more love. I believe in trust and space even being in the same house, he’ll want to be with you more because you respect his time running out or in the house.

Pour your love this way and you will have him or her forever. Lasting, bonding and special love……… Continue reading


I see  that some men are different and require different things when they see a woman.  If you want their attention look at how they look at you and what they seem to notice.  A woman have so many tools to use to get to a man to you and think of  you.  You should look at a man not in a flirtatious way but alluring to when he thinks of your eye contact and your smile that keeps him thinking of you.

If you go to his place of work change your hair and clothes and wear something that he will always think of when you leave, his mind will wonder and dream of you and maybe he will call or text.  Another way is a scent of alluring perfume the scent will drive him crazy of you and yearn for you and maybe even ask you what you are doing.  You see sometimes a man is not harder than you think you just have to know have to use what you got.  Sometimes a man wants a challenge him and enjoys what women do to them.

When you talk don’t give to much information just a little so he can get him to guess or want you more.  Don’t worry if he doesn’t respond right away ,he will feel distant in thinking but he still behind his mind wondering of you.  Making yourself available don’t do it because he will think you are easy and may think of someone else.  If you see him look around at something else don’t pay too much attention to him ,and he will without a doubt get yours.

Some men are not hard it’s just they want to initiate instead of the women.  Never let your guard down either play tough and hard.  Just imagine you stay your best at all times and your confidence will progress.  Never be too persistence but you should show some interest in him.  I think that if you stroke his ego in the right way and give him complements but not lying but truthful he will seem to know you are serious.

Staying away is another way because he will miss you and know that you have a life and men like women that have friends and things they like doing beside around them all the time.  We seem to think maybe if I’m around him he will love it, but reality staying away he will wonder about you and want to know how things are going with you. 

The sexy things are you clothes and how you wear them, just say you wear a dress by your knees and you have curves and long hair or even short the dress you are wearing can be flattering to who you are.  Shoes for a woman is sexy a nice pump or open toe will have him looking at you and how you think of yourself.

Thoughts are powerful to people and can work very fast.  If you can put a thought to every person you spoke to then you can see why with men they seem to go by attraction and how a woman looks and it can be a smile, clothes, the way you talk and what they maybe looking for.  Remember men love the chase and attraction and also change your clothes and how you talk to them and they will fall into your arms.





I’m thinking of her…..







When being in a marriage you want it to last and not get boring.  I suggest being on the top of your game.  You can have things in common and also you would love to just snap your fingers and maybe it would be different.  It takes work and should always see what the other likes to do because your marriage can flourish.  Date nights are very exciting because it can bring you back to when you first started and it can cause you to fall in love all over again.  If you forget those things it makes the relationship like the same thing over and over and over again.

I can see for instance doing something like rollerskating, jet skiing, going to the Poconos where the mountains and various activities are at your hands. When you are adventurous you can have more fun together.  When being married just because you are you can still have fun and enjoy each others company.  Never worry how other people do their marriage create your own fun and be happy,

Take a cooking class together and go on weekend trips together.  The television is alright but you want more than the tube, we tend to forget that we are human and that we shouldn’t shut out things that are interesting. Go in each others room and lock yourself in there and put a do not disturb sign on the door.  Print on the sign you are away in resort design and make it seem you are away on a island and play some music  with your mate. Experiment with the things that can bring closer, take a trip on the weekends and the beach is nice, maybe have a picnic and bring each others favorite food.

Be a kid again ask her or him out to a carnival go on rides eat cotton candy, play games and go on rides.  Maybe you can meet at a restaurant and pretend to have just met and ask questions and laugh and bring flowers.  I found it helps your marriage to grow and makes you appreciate each other and respect the relationship.  If you look at the possibilities it’s so much fun. 

Bringing fun and romance unto your relationship will bring the two of you together. Play games like twister with each other and change the rules of the game.  Who said baking is for one person make it for two the messier the better and you’ll create closeness.  Leave notes on his or her pockets showing how much you love each other.  At the table put a nice breakfast they like and note inviting them for the occasion.  When married people do this it brings spunk to your marriage and happiness and it’s not schedule it’s different and exciting.

When you get married it should not just be good in the beginning but it should always be all the time.  No one should feel like the other one is taking and they are not getting nothing in return. It should always have compromise and never guilt.  Dinners, shows, parks, picnics, maybe picture taking.  And maybe propose again to your mate and show them that it means a lot and you are not afraid of trying things with them.

Keep communication available with each other so you know that the other person knows you will be understanding and not alone.  Have support and make sure that you give to them  much as they do for you. When leaving in the morning kiss them goodbye and when they come home kiss them and hold them tight. Resolve problems before going to bed so you are not mad with each other, and forgive and remember life is just beginning if you follow these steps you will be together and be happy.


Working together and getting things done.






In this era of the world we live in people tend to be in relationships for 3,6,9,10 years with one person and if it doesn’t work they move on is it fair? Should they leave? The answer in my opinion is 2 years is the limit because it shouldn’t take that long to know a person. People in relationships should decide early on what they want and how the person can make them feel good and happy. My experience is that relationships can be tricky sometimes the person is led on to think that their is something more and find out they are just friends.

People whether it’s male or female should make a decision and not let the person wait. There are a lot of people who want a commitment and they are out there. In relationships holding a person when you only want what makes you feel good can be selfish.  I found out that knowing that you have things in common seeing where the person is going should make you know that you can find true love early.  I believe stringing on long can be selfish. What if you are with them and they said goodbye your years you can’t get back. They didn’t think of the commitment  during the time having fun and getting you to open up your true feelings.

Be honest you should ask where it is going and what do they want so far so you don’t feel left out.  If you can tell ahead of time it would be great, but waiting can’t be fun feelings are feelings are involved and it won’t be fair, just think of giving someone 12 years and they decided no marriage, no commitment it will hurt many hearts. Or you can get married and they said they don’t want it no more.  You should leave and be alone and find someone who cares about you.

Being committed is showing you can mature and go to the next level and just be faithful with that person and not want other people.  Some think oh my life is over and I feel trapped. But in reality you aren’t you are growing and coming to a time in your life to not be around with so many people.  People say making choices are good and why I can’t move around. There are consequences because if you move around with too many think about it if you are looking for a specific person you are moving around to the point that you are not waiting and picking what you want.

See being honest will get everyone what they want, because some people are afraid of losing people but they hold on and keep them from going on if they don’t want it. That becomes betrayal and lying to them.  Commitment is sharing, devotion to that person and having a sense of caring it can be possible, people are looking for that special person to settle down with.

If both parties don’t want a commitment that can be hard because you are just having a basic relationship.  One person will get feelings and want more eventually and if the other person is not ready it can hinder the relationship you have.  I say know what you want going in and you’ll get what you want.  What if the person lies about a commitment and you got strung along. I would say part your ways but ask why they did it.

Commitment is important and I think 2 years is a good enough for a person to find someone they care about.  In relationships whether it’s years and they want to marry you or a regular relationship too long of a wait with no answer is not right. We should all be open in what we are looking for and we will get be dishonest the person will end up angry and resentful. Knowing that person takes the step up and give you commitment shows they have strong feelings for you.

Just think finding that special one that you can spend the rest of your life with that you don’t have to jump from relationship to relationship.  Commitment is the key to happiness. Try it you might like it.


We are so happy I’m in love…….


Love will last with us forever…….







Having a successful relationship takes work and when you have two people you have to work at it, and you will enjoy it and have a wonderful time together. 

Here are some ways to do it:

1. Always communicate with each other all the time.

2. Make time for yourself and the other person.

3. Have date nights where you go out and have fun.

4. Compliment each other on what they do.

5. Never take each other for granted, cherish them.

6. Always have fun doing things and try different things.

7. Share more love together and be open.

8. Build a friendship with each other.

9. Trust each other and never accuse of wrongdoing.

10. Respect each other in what they do.

11. Be caring of the person’s feelings.

12. You should be able to go to them for anything.

13.  Be romantic and surprise your mate.

14.  Hold hands, kiss, cuddle, show affection.

15.  Apologize don’t be mad and never go away from each other angry.

16.  Keep things between you guys.

17. Support each other in the successes or dreams.

18 . Make decisions together on what you are doing.

19. See each other as one together not separate in your relationship.

 20. Don’t compare your relationship with another person.

 21. Be honest and don’t lie to the other person.

 22.  Never be self centered think of the person you are with.

 23.  Don’t  cheat on your mate with another person.

 24.  Be open in what you want or like.

 25.  Don’t try to put pressure on them.

 26.  Try things they like as well as what you like.

 27.  Always do what you do in the beginning throughout your relationship.

 28.  Be thoughtful of what they may think at the time.

 29.  Expect ups and downs and draw on each other strengths.

 30.  Keep your promises with the other person.













Starting a new relationship can be interesting you may seem to want the other person, but if you are not happy you have to move on and find someone else. With everything in the world of dating it can be what do I need, how do I look and where do I go.  Find someone who would accept you for who you are and not all the things to be so perfect and see where they are coming from.

People don’t need to be hurt you need friendship and love and caring. Games should not be played they should be open and let you know where they are coming from and what they are looking for so it can make the relationship friendship or boyfriend and girlfriend.

See what you two like and you will be surprised the things you have in common will grow into the things you never seen before.  When you meet someone be yourself and don’t bring up old baggage of a previous relationship it can be a turn off, just say irreconciliable differences. 

In this society not everything or everyone is perfect but you can make it flourish like a flower blossoming on a spring day.  If you are someone that is going into a new relationship they will see who you really are and feel betrayed if you lie to them be honest and be yourself.

Take them new places not somewhere you to your ex you’ll feel better and comfortable and enjoy yourself.  I found out new relationships and new things make things better.  Another way is trying to ask the person what is they never done that they would like sharing or doing maybe the other relationship they couldn’t do, but they want to do it now.

Always pay attention to what they like and write it down, surprise them with something you think of.  If you keep your relationship in the beginning and how it was through out you will be happy and it will be last.

Never argue to the point you hate each other, always communicate so you can keep it alive and growing.  You should have trust in your relationship also in the beginning and end.  And the last thing always keep a date night for where you always do it.  Remember new relationship start off with knowing the person, trust, honesty, and being yourself.




We all want to be with each other all the time and have no other way, but sometimes we have to have time a part it makes us want the person more  and you’ll have more to talk about. You yearn and your heart will pump thinking what they are doing, and it’s not insecurity it’s the space that’s doing it, think about it?

I’ve found that you should give the person time for hobbies and things they enjoy and time to think.  The person may have friends that doesn’t mean they don’t care about you, they just have separate things they like, we tend to wonder is it something wrong with me? Do they want someone else?  No it’s the time they need to restructure their lives. In relationships we have places, things, people we do it with it makes things interesting.

It helps you to grow and yearn for more topics and things to talk about.  If you are together too much you may get tired and you don’t want to lose the person’s relationship or friendship.  People think that being apart they will forget you or don’t want you, but instead they miss you a lot.  When you start to see them smiling and can’t wait to see you that’s a good sign that they care and they love you because you understand how they feel.

I never worry about space because sometimes it’s fun, just think you are with friends, family, or hobbies or just alone, you appreciate the person instead of taking them for granted. Having space is a funny way of showing you they respect your space, but it keeps you together and closer.

You don’t want to lose the sense of who you are tell them they will understand and see it’s for them also.  You can go places together and still do different things if you go to the amusement park you go on one ride maybe she wants the water ride and then do somethings together.  People get insecure thinking they will lose that person but they won’t because you will grow as a couple.                                                                                       

I can give you example if you like basketball or sports and she or he sits there they will be uncomfortable and feel forced. If they want to join you and learn it’s fun.  Everyone has things they like so space can make your relationship strong because you will have more to talk about.  Space is fun and enjoyable you’ll see how you will grow.





having alone time photo:  013.jpg

Alone time……..


alone time photo: time travelers wife alone-1.jpg

What can I do next? this is fun…….



Love is caring,                                                                                                                      Being close and never let go                                                                                              Commitment to that person                                                                                                Sharing your most feelings                                                                                                  Without being scared                                                                                                          Friendship where you always is                                                                                         Close and open your feelings                                                                                            Love is the trust to know they                                                                                            will never cheat or mistrust you                                                                                        when you are not around                                                                                                    Love is when you are not there                                                                                          they think of you all the time                                                                                              Being yourself and not change                                                                                          feelings and butterflies in your stomach                                                                          when you see them                                                                                                              Never wanting to leave their side                                                                                     Communication in how you are and how                                                                          to get through difficult things                                                                                             Respecting not only there privacy and                                                                             space but they’ll have more to talk                                                                                    about with you and be happy                                                                                              Doing the hard work to make it work                                                                                  Compromising in situations to make it easier                                                                  Honesty to not to lie but be truthful                                                                                  to make your love stronger                                                                                                Connecting with each other in special                                                                              thoughts and ways                                                                                                                Loving yourself and the person you are                                                                            with and never feeling that you can go on                                                                        to the depth of time                                                                                                              Recognizing difference that no one is perfect and                                                        and accepting and not changing them                                                                              Being responsible that you can keep                                                                                you and that person and love them and take                                                                    care of them like you take care of yourself                                                                      Love is a journey, but if handled properly you                                                                always be happy, floating on air, anything get you mad                                                  you will smile thinking of your love and think about it                                                   Wouldn’t be nice to have love like this now?                                                                  THIS IS LOVE…………….




                        WHAT IS LOVE…………







How a Friend makes a Good Relationship

We all have that friend that we laugh and joke and maybe we have flirted with them, but we don’t want to cross the line because we are close with them, just like pals that tell each other everything.  These relationships can bring you so much closeness and trust, because down the road to a great relationship.  Think about if you tell this person everything, they already know what you like, how you feel and your thoughts before you speak and expressions.

They can also know what makes you laugh and you can let your hair down and be yourself without giving up who you truly are.  If you started with someone as friends it grows into something by getting to know them, but friendships are very nice and special and you can think it’s friendship with benefits but you get closer to them and it becomes love with friends. It’s like having the best of both worlds people seemed to notice when you are around that person that something is more than friends because the way you act and how you’ve changed.

We don’t want to go down that road because friends may change or you may be nervous because you have feelings and don’t want to lose your friend, because why? what if it doesn’t work out and I lose them, take a chance you might find your soul mate.

You see you’ll never know about this until you try it.  People say friends are better left that way, but what happens when they have someone but they think of that friend all the time, is it fair to the other person they are with, be honest and with your feelings. It will be mixed feelings and you should go with who you care about because it will work out better in the long road.

I think that when you are close to someone and they say ok we can be friends but are still close to you, you should ask them if we are friends why do you still have those strong feelings about me?  Get them to open up and tell you the truth. Don’t be afraid because then you will go around empty inside not knowing.

Maybe friends is all we will be or can we go to the next level and feel something special, exciting, closeness and real.  Will we ever know if our friendship will turn into a relationship, Umm let’s see……. until the next time what do you think.





We all want the same things and sometimes tall, dark and handsome and maybe even rich. But sometimes we settle and not even realize that we are missing out on opportunities in front of us, which we pass by and say what did I just do?  He seems alright but not my type I want a little more and give into the way the things are.  Finding a man is not hard it depend what you are looking for, we all have certain taste and we seem to be picky and it can be good and then it can be bad.

I think we should take our time when we look for shoe as a woman we look at different pair and styles that fit us, we try it on and we see if the feeling is good for us and we walk around in the store and say alright this is it.  I’m not trying to compare  men to shoes, but we have to know what and who to pick and who to pick.  Men are not hard to please if you be specific on what you want and what you need.  Tell them the truth and be honest and you never know you might get what you want all the time. 

Relationship with the right man can be fun and exciting because he’ll try to do things to make you happy to what he can.  We mistaken them to be everything all the time, don’t put pressure on them, no one is perfect but you can find the right one.  The first thing I would look at is he is considerate of your feelings, is he polite all the time, how is he when you go out places around other people.

The next thing would be when you go out does he constantly flirt with other women in front of you?  Here’s something else to consider does he take care of you when you are sick, bring you soup and give you attention, and supportive of what you do? The main thing also is how is he when there is ups and downs in your life everyone has them.  Another thing does he share what he has to you?  Does he he try different things with you and don’t mind if it doesn’t come out right don’t make you feel bad.  What a man! Huh.

Another thing is humor because when life is tense sometimes you many want a humorous or someone that can take a joke and not get mad?  There are so many things we can pick but you have to be honest with yourself and don’t lead him on he has feelings too?  How about how he expresses his feelings towards you they have different way of doing it.  Wanting things are not hard you just to know where to look.

1. Art museums

2. Libraries

3 Seminars

4. Carnivals

5. Laundromats

6. College

7. Job fairs (hint) he’s looking for employment ladies

8. Beaches

9. Churches

10. Trips

This is just a little list but you can find things in a man and where to look also.

What to look for in a man can be fun and playful just to see their reaction that you are interested in them and not just about you.



Here’s a picture but looks aren’t everything it’s the hear that counts.